Our Upcoming Events

We are excited to offer a range of events for you or your children. For more details on any of these events, please register your interest.


Online & On-site Events

The Education Department is organising an online conference from 24 – 28 December 2021. The program will be streamed and available for viewing at your leisure following the conference.

Presentations will be:

  • Your Quest – Luke Kneebone  
  • Be aware of your surroundings – Lucas Spirkoski 
  • How straight is your path?  – Miguel Mendoza
  • Praise meeting
  • Finding your way –
  • Light your candle – Jhana Lausevic  
  • Influence – Sam Batger
  • Your direction – Br Paul Chapman 
  • Share your flame –
  • Looking to the cross – Chantelle Batger 
  • Resetting your compass – Nathan Tyler 
  • Helping a fallen comrade – Sam Wiseman
  • A guide by day a guide by night – Victoria Cornja 
  • Transformation – Larry Ah-Ching
  • Summary and closing – Ruth Rodionoff 

Links will be available prior to the event.


When: 10-11 April 2023
Time: morning start

You are invited to the Camponotus EvAnt for 5-16 year olds.

Theme – life of Cain and Abel

Objective – Caring for siblings; Dependence on God;

The program includes Orienteering, Survival Skills, Memory Verses, Physicals Activities, Cooking, Group Games, Arts & Crafts. Can’t wait to see you there!

Junior Bible Class

Online Event
When: 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month
Time: 10:00am

The Junior Bible Class is suited to children who can read and participate in the discussions. They cover a range of Bible topics from salvation to prophecy. They are designed to create a love of God and His Word in the hearts of the children as they purpose to “Serve God in their hearts”. This is an interactive, live, online event held via zoom.