Learning for Eternity

Our mission is to anchor Christ in the hearts of all we come in contact with.


Who are we?

We are a team of individuals who want to inspire others to reach higher, grow stronger and find peace.

Our mission is to inspire children, youth and adults to love and serve God and to know Jesus as their personal Saviour, the One who has made salvation possible for all. To know the gift of Salvation and share this beautiful message with others is our goal.

We provide the opportunity for children to learn of Jesus and share and participate in a wide range of activities while interacting with children from around Australia and the world. 

A program is currently under development to train participants to be able to confidently serve their local churches. This program will involve training in Bible study, presentation, church administration and character development.


We have resources and courses for all ages – all accessible online.


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Our goal is to provide wholesome videos on and resources for parents and children.
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What our members say
about our resources & events

These programs have been awesome for my kids. My daughter learned how to do simple Bible studies and now practices doing it all on her own.
Mother of 4
My children really look forward to their bi-monthly Junior Bible Study. They’ve been studying the book of Daniel and have learned many interesting lessons from it that I hear them discussing among themselves days afterwards. We are so thankful for this learning opportunity.
I love how my kids look forward to their online kids class. It gives them an opportunity to mix and interact in a wholesome activity together with other children their age.
Father of 4
I like my Bible classes! I have a great teacher. He makes the lessons interesting with stories that illustrate the point.

Our mission training program is designed to give you a taste of ministry and equip you to serve for life

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